Krav Maga Instructor

The Krav Maga Survival Instructor education is a solid and proven progressive path to becomming a respected instructor. Courses are arranged internationally or on request on your location. Contact us directly for more information.


If you plan on arranging a local instructor course. Please contact us for conditions and your options for gain.

Basic Instructor Course is your way to start the progressive Krav Maga Instructor education. the syllabus equals the first 3 student grades and normally gives the right to function as an assistant Instructor.

The Instructor will have First-Aid knowledge, proven basic conditioning skills and be vetted by experienced instructor on the competance of instructing.


The Full Instrucor Course covers the syllabus for all student grades. You will be able teach all students and have your own academy. Training includes disarming of weapons, fighting in confined spaces, how to escape from restrains and locks, how to be an instructor and proven skill of motivation and aggression. After passing the course the instrcutor will have minimum brown Belt.


Main Instructor is an experiences instructor who is certified both through the Krav Maga Survival Solution and also through partner in Israel. The Main Instructor has minimum 2. Dan Blackbelt


Expert Instructor is a REAL expert within his field. The instructor will have full knowledge of the syllabus, have advanced in a defined topic to gain expert status. The Expert instructor has minimum 3. Dan Blackbelt

Further Education includes severe Gunhandling, Bodyguard- & Intelligence Training.